The CNC processing machines consists of CNC vertical processing centers, CNC turning centers and CNC saws. The company specializes in the production of high-precision parts, achieved through high-precision and performance  CNC machines Spinner, Bridgeport, Doosan and Behringer, which have proven  as precise, reliable, fast and efficient machines. Different materials are processed, for example, black metal, colored metal, aluminum, plastic, etc.). Both individual parts and components for series production are manufactured. In manufacturing process are used most advanced and effective tools from our partners, which also allows processing of hardened materials. The following operations can be performed on the machines:



*Thread cutting




Maximum processing dimensions for CNC milling processing operations - 1100x650x650mm and 1000kg.

Maximum processing dimensions for CNC turning operations - maximum diameter - 600mm and 500kg.

Maximum sawing dimensions - 420mm.

Maksimālais zāģēšanas izmērs- 420mm.