SIA “TKL” is a company which has been manufacturing since 2005 and in its working process unites three main spheres of activities in order to ensure quality services to its clients: metal processing on CNC machines, production of technological equipment (molds, stamps) and molding of plastic parts.

            These three main spheres of activities make possible for company to offer a wide range of processing services and a competitive price.  High-precision equipment, qualified specialists and efficiency provide the highest precision and quality both for series production and individual orders.

            We know our industry, international thinking are combined with detailed knowledge of the local market. Thanks to this approach, we are strong and able to offer quality services while continuously developing globally.

            Respect and trust to our core values - the basis for successful collaboration with clients and partners. The company's responsibility is to ensure the client satisfaction with the timely delivery of a quality product. To achieve this, the company has obtained an ISO 9001 certificate. By establishing a quality management system, the company intends to increase customer satisfaction, improve the efficiency of the process of company and ensure a conformable workflow.

            Our goal is to provide a high quality service, expanding and improving the range of services, and managing the internal and external processes of the company, strengthening its position in the market, increasing competitiveness, thanks to the perfect quality of the product.
            We strive for ensuring that our goals are met in a timely and accurate manner. We focus on the future and wish our work of today to become a solid foundation for future of our company.